About our organization

Sewing for Sam, is a community event designed to create comfortable, stylish hospital gowns for children facing long-term hospital stays. Unlike traditional gowns, we sew gowns with bright, soft, and fun fabric that provides full back-closure for extra privacy.

This project began in 2016, when our Treasurer Samantha Bodger was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma cancer. After hearing about a custom gown Sam had received during her treatment, two of her friends began Sewing for Sam, a program to help all children facing extended hospital stays. Our project serves to raise awareness for community members who are battling long-term illness, while simultaneously creating and donating newly made gowns to local hospitals.

In the Summer of 2019, Samantha relapsed. She is currently in chemotherapy, and still serving as a board member, even while enduring treatment. However, the Summer of 2019 also brought about official 501(c)3 status for our organization–a huge step in growing our efforts to the larger community.